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Ceramic facades are well known for durability and weather-resistance.

CERASHIELD is the unique system for ceramic facades with European Technical Assessment (DIBt | ETA-16/0096) for all EU member states. 

Non-flammable. With world's largest facade panels made from hybridceramic. Up to 150 x 320 cm.

From CERAMAX - pioneer for ceramic facades with jumbo formats.

Due to small formats and high weights, ceramic has become less important as facade material.

With CERASHIELD we have been developed a new facade material for extensive and light ceramic facades.

Not flammable and from natural raw materials with customized dimensions.

With xxl-formats, unique design and light wight. - For durable and weather resistant building envelopes. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Made in Germany.

CERASHIELD. The future orientated facade material for architecture.



Architecture. Constructive, functional and formal perfection.

Facade design is a defining element for building architecture. The requirements are high.

Economic as batches and individual as custom products. That demands special qualities.

  • Large formats of high-value and natural materials. - As a major trend of time.
  • Industrial production standards with maximum prefabrication right up to economic installation methods by qualified processors. - Obligatory for an efficient construction phase.
  • Sustainability, energy efficiency and planing security with constructive approvals. - Premise and self-evident for innovative solutions.

For this requirements CERAMAX developed the facade panel CERASHIELD NEO. Based on hybridceramic. The future-oriented facade material with unique surface properties.



With conventional ceramic the thickness of the panel increases with expanding size.

CERAMAX hybridceramic can be produced - thanks of a special hybrid production technology - in large jumbo-formats (up to 150 x 320 cm) up from 4 mm thickness.

Hightech. Efficient and sustainable. 

The basic for the development of CERASHIELD NEO. Innovative technology along with unique surface properties and extraordinary design for a future-oriented, next generation facade system:



Hybridceramic signified durable and indestructible ceramic facades:


  • CERASHIELD facade panels have fire resistance A1 (DIN EN 13501). They are non flammable!
  • CERASHIELD ceramic facades are unchanged in time. Resistant to weather agents, UV-rays, corrosion oxidation and chemical agents.
  • CERASHIELD ceramic facades have an abrasion- and absolutely scratch resistant surface, MOHS-Hardness = 8 (Industrial diamond = 10). The properties remain unchanged even after extended use and cleaning.
  • CERASHIELD ceramic facades does not contain any organic pigments, therefore they are absolutely UV-resistant.
  • CERASHIELD ceramic facades are resistant to every surface treatment with organic and non organic solutions. Only hydrofluoric acid is able to damage CERASHIELD surfaces.
  • CERASHIELD ceramic facades are easy to clean. Disinfectants and cleaning agents are unable to damage the surface.
  • CERASHIELD ceramic facades (special designs) are optional available with CERACLEAN BIOACTIV coating. So they get self-cleaning properties. Its self cleaning properties make it ideal for use in hard-to-reach places that are difficult to clean. CERASHIELD facade solutions are highly durable for the lifetime of your building.

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So the properties of high quality ceramics can be combined to the needs of modern architecture.

Find inspiration.

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