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CERATEC BASE. For small projects with thin ceramic slabs up from 4 mm thickness.

For direct glueing of CERASHIELD panels onto CERATEC BASE support constructions (at the construction site) a minimum panel thickness of 4 mm is needed.

Our standard. For glueing CERASHIELD ceramic panels at the construction-site.

CERATEC BASE based on a bonding system with general building approval of the supervisory authority by the "German Institute of Building Technology" (DIBt), Berlin. 

It consists of an adhesive and a prefixing tape, which holds the CERASHIELD panel during the full vulcanization of the glue.

Please note by processing of CERATEC BASE:

In most EU member states glued ceramic facades and claddings need an approval for the individual case. This approval ist to apply by the processor for each project.

Please check your local codes and applicable design requirements for proper use.

CERATEC. Available in different versions.

CERATEC facade systems and  CERASHIELD facade panels are available for different application areas. Optimal in line with the requirements.

With a minimum plate thicknesses of 4 mm and plate formats up to 1,500 x 3,200 mm.

The mechanical CERASHIELD panel fixing with European Technical Assessment ETA-16/0096 (by DIBt | German Institute for Building Technology, Berlin) is allowed throughout all EU member states.

Therefore the use of CERASHIELD facade panels and CERATEC facade systems as facade material is possible in all EU countries, without having to apply for authorization in the individual states. 

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