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CERATEC ECO. For ceramic facades with light-weight ceramic slabs up from 6 mm thickness.

CERATEC ECO is available with mechanical or glued ceramic plate bonding.

Ready to use.

CERASHIELD ECO facade modules for CERATEC ECO systems are produced as semi-finished products. They are "ready for use" an don´t necessarily need further processing. They can be directly mounted at the construction site.

For different applications.

CERATEC ECO - the sturdy and permanently corrosion-proof aluminium holding tracks - solve the problem of concealed fixing of large-size and light-weight CERASHIELD facade panels made from hybridceramic, up from 6 mm thickness.

Installation and removal of single panels works smoothly without changing the position of the adjacent panels. Adjustments later on can be made by way of the panel joint.

High requirements of architectural design goes combined with the highest reliability of the elements. Everything fits together and into each other.

Construction depth from 52 - 380 mm are possible. Customized dimensions by request. 

CERATEC ECO is available for glued and mechanical CERASHIELD panel bonding.

CERATEC ECO-M. Facade system with mechanical bonding.

CERATEC ECO-M. With European Technical Assessment ETA-16/0096 (European technical approval).

The system with mechanical fixing consists of CERASHIELD panels with a minimum thickness of 8 mm. On their backside they get an mechanical bonding with a CERATEC adapter-profil. Due to the adapter profile CERASHIELD ceramic panels can be fixed on different constructions.

As balconies, wall-claddings, ceilings or facades.

CERATEC ECO-G. Glued bonding for ceramic.

For projects and high-quality facades the adapter system CERATEC ECO-G is the first choice.

Therefore CERASHIELD panels (made from hybridceramic) are produced to facade modules with glued CERATEC adapter profiles on their backside. At the construction site only the pre-processed facade modules must be fixed. There is no glueing necessary.

This safes time, costs and increases planing security for the site process.

CERATEC ECO. Easy and quick mounting.

By developing CERATEC ECO we attached great importance to a simple solution. An easy to use system, with high safety.

With possibilities to change separate CERASHIELD ECO modules without the need to remove the complete facade.

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System CERATEC ECO is available with CERASHIELD ceramic panels up to 100 x 300 cm, which can be taken to storey overstretching facade-modules, up to 400 cm height.

An economical solution.

A good connection to usual systems is important for a high cost efficient solution. Therefore we developed CERATEC ECO with high compatibility to usual sub-constructions.

After connecting the CERATEC ECO carrier profiles with a sub construction, it is only necessary to fix the pre-processed CERASHIELD ECO facade modules to the CERATEC ECO carrier profiles.

CERATEC. Available in different versions.

CERATEC facade systems and  CERASHIELD facade panels are available for different application areas. Optimal in line with the requirements.

With a minimum plate thicknesses of 4 mm and plate formats up to 150 x 320 cm.

The mechanical CERASHIELD panel fixing with European Technical Assessment ETA-16/0096 (by DIBt | German Institute for Building Technology, Berlin) is allowed throughout all EU member states.

Therefore the use of CERASHIELD facade panels and CERATEC systems as facade material is possible in all EU countries, without having to apply for authorization in the individual states. 

We are sure - you think about first ideas and suggestions.

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