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Frequently asked questions for ceramic facades.

Thanks to the reduced thickness of CERASHIELD ceramic plates, the facade-system is able to contain its overall weight.

The presence of insulating material, together with the insulation chamber, ensures remarkable energy savings. 

Up to highest Kfw-Standards and relevant legal provisions and rules.

The energy classification vary, depending of the thickness and the performance of the insulating material, the air chamber and the construction of the building.

The CERASHIELD facade system is an excellent solution for renovating buildings to the highest energy efficiency requirements. Often it can be directly fitted onto the existing wall surface without restoring it.

Thanks to the lightness it can be applied on any wall substrate.

Insulation and design can be aligned to the needs of the building construction. 

External coatings with CERASHIELD facades offers a wide project freedom and multiple designs.

They are durable and need no painting or coating.

The ceramic surfaces needs no maintenance. So they have minimum costs over the whole lifecycle. The maintenance absence will be rewarded with a better building value.

The dry installation and mechanical fixing of CERASHIELD facades is accurate and simple.

Thanks to the pre-processing of facade panels in the CERAMAX factory and to the lightness of the modules, CERASHIELD facades are quick and easy to mount (independent from climate and temperature).



Frequently asked questions for ceramic surfaces.

CERASHIELD ceramic plates are available in sizes up to 1,500 x 3,200 mm. 

They can be taken together to store over-stretching facade modules, up to 4,000 mm height.

CERASHIELD plates passing the limits of traditional ceramic, still keeping its advantages.

CERASHIELD ceramic plates have an everlasting surface. They are unchanged in time, resistant to weather agents, UV-rays, corrosion, oxidation and chemical agents.

CERASHIELD facades have a forever intact surface.

They can be easily cleaned from paints. They are anti scratch and optional anti-graffiti.

They can be supplied as CERASAFE plates (two slaps combined) to ensure a higher impact resistance in time, especially in the facade lower part or by emergency exits.

The external finish of CERASHIELD ceramic surfaces can be customized for projects of at last 1,000 sqm, to satisfy the ideas by the designer and the requirements by the customer.

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